Our programs provide vocational skills training for women aged 18-30 years, residing in urban settlements in Maharashtra and Delhi NCR. Our goal is to enhance employment opportunities for these women, especially those who have dropped out of formal education, so that they can lead independent and financially secure lives.

in the 15-29yrs age
group is currently
at 27.2% for urban
women in India.*

The lack of high quality, relevant training institutions and regressive social norms make it harder for women from vulnerable communities to gain financial independence and security. At Vipla Foundation, we believe in equal rights for women and strive to empower them to contribute and gain from the country’s growing economy.

*Source: Periodic Labour
Force Survey (PLFS),

Our Interventions aim at preventing gender based violence against vulnerable women in India by empowering them through skill-based programs at community-based centres. It is an opportunity that helps them break the cycle of poverty and discrimination. The program includes employability skills training, linking them to jobs, and other income-generating options like enterprise development, which in turn leads to financial independence and greater control over their own lives.

“I would like to thank Vipla Foundation for giving me the opportunity to become a trained beautician and thus achieve my dreams.
Thank you so much wholeheartedly.”

Pradnya Sarnobat


Our community mobilisers visit each household in the community and interact one-on-one with the families and orient them on available training programs at our community based centre. Our training programmes span from 2 months to 1 year. We offer training in collaboration with technical partners of relevant domain expertise.

Career counselling & Guidance
Employability skills
Life skills
Workplace readiness
Employment assistance
Enterprise support

In addition to this skilling program, Vipla Foundation also initiated W.I.S.E, Women’s Initiative for Social Entrepreneurship, as a platform to enable the development of leadership and entrepreneurship skills in women. We received appreciation from Maharashtra Kala Shikshan Prashikshan Mandal for largest participation at a Beauty seminar on Hair and Skin, held at Mysore Auditorium, Mumbai.

18,000+ Women Reached

Our program has been actively training women since 2009

7 out of every 10 Women Placed Successfully

70% women use of the opportunity to be economically independent


Sharmila Yadav is one of seven members of her family, most of who live in their native village in Uttar Pradesh. She lived in the village till she completed high school. Her father was the only earning member and had incurred many debts to marry his daughters. Sharmila’s only brother was unable to contribute to the family income due to his persistent ill-health. Given these circumstances, Sharmila had to discontinue her education and decided to move to Mumbai to live with her sister, to find a way to earn a living.

Both Sharmila and her sister searched for vocational training courses but found most to be too expensive. They then came across our vocational training program in beauty at Sangharsh Nagar and enrolled in it. Initially, the biggest challenge for her and her teacher was her inability to comprehend Hindi. Since she was brought up and schooled in her village, she only spoke and understood Bhojpuri.

After consistent efforts, Sharmila’s Hindi language skills improved to the point that she could understand her coursework and converse with her teacher and peers. She even picked up a few English words.

She took a keen interest in her course and completed it successfully in 3 months. After the course, she found employment at a nearby ‘Nova Beauty’ Parlour. Sharmila is saving a part of her income for her brother’s treatment at a reputed hospital in Mumbai and is also contributing towards repaying her father’s debt.

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