Call the helpline number and get access to early interventionand holistic management for a child’s hearing impairment.
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Dhvani Early Intervention

Provides diagnosis, Pre and Post cochlear implant
management, therapy and support to hearing-impaired

We use state-of-the-art technology and facilities to provide
holistic management of children with special needs that relate to
hearing impairment between 0 to 3 years. We also work with
parents to create an environment of support for the child at home
post treatment. Dhvani collaborates with Hinduja Hospital and
its team who support the Centre in all medical and radiological
assessments of a child. Well known ENT surgeon Padma-Shri
Dr. Milind V. Kirtane has performed all cochlear implant surgeries
of children associated with Dhvani.

We strive to provide comprehensive services to our children from
treatment to integration, with the hope that they will thrive in
mainstream schools and society

370+ Children availed services
We have exponentially increased our intake of children over the years

40+ Cochlear Implants
We have a successfully completed 32 surgeries

100% mainstreaming in regular schools
We provide advocacy support to mainstream children in school

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Our Services

Comprehensive Audiological Evaluation
We use the latest audiological equipment and sound treated rooms for diagnosis of hearing loss.

Auditory Verbal Therapy
Qualified and experienced auditory-verbal therapists conduct regular therapy sessions with our children. We use an approach that focuses on developing spoken language through listening. It enables parents and family to naturally develop spoke language in their surroundings. We monitor progress through regular assessments.

School Readiness
We conduct school readiness sessions & mentoring for children as well as parents for smooth transitioning into regular schools.